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Wealth Coach Morgan is very passionate about bridging the gap between money & wellness. As the Director of Holistic Bucks, her goal is to help millennial women to become financially confident in making their own decisions, leading them to live a financially free and abundant life. Strategically, Morgan helps women achieve this through building a magnetic money mindset, gaining power over their financial decisions, and learning how to invest and have their hard-earned money work for them in order to build lasting generational wealth.

Morgan's Do-It-Yourself strategy has lead her to success and ongoing growth! Learn more about Holistic Bucks by checking out the website and following Morgan's journey on Instagram at @holisticbucks

After reading Myths and Truths for herself, Morgan realized the power this tool could bring her clients, that would allow them to achieve their financial goals and offer them valuable insight on important financial topics. That's the reason Holistic Bucks is collaborating with Myths and Truths, to achieve our missions together! Through the sale of Myths and Truths of Financial Planning book from this link, we will be empowering people to take control of their finances and increasing financial literacy via the distribution of reliable resources and information. Additionally, the sale of the book will be supporting a charity that is empowering Black Canadian communities in the financial world. 


When you purchase your copy of Myths & Truths, $10 from the sale of the book will be donated to Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA). 
Learn more about this organization by checking out their website and see how BBPA has been involved in empowering Black Canadians in business and professional development, pursuing higher education and more!


$20 plus shipping and handling.


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