Charitable Fundraising

Why Get Involved?

This is a great opportunity to raise money for your organization and help raise the level of financial literacy in your community. Education is key to future prosperity!

You will receive a page on our website to promote this fundraiser. You can use this link in social media, print media, emailers, handouts and events.

Charitable Book Fundraiser

Don't miss this opportunity to raise money for your charity/not-for-profit organization, while promoting financial literacy in Canada!

As a Certified Financial Planner, Bill McBay shares the Myths & Truths of Financial Planning Throughout Your Life in a way that allows readers to take a journey through their own life to see how they stack up.

Fundraiser Details

100% of profit donated

100% of profits ($10 from every book) will be donated to the charity or not-for-profit selling the book.

No minimum sales required.

receive a customized webpage

Each charity will receive a customized web page with its logo to create awareness for the fundraiser with your audiences.

Your web page will include general information about your charity and the fundraiser.

Books can be displayed for on-hand sales

Books can be displayed for on-hand sales or ordered online and shipped directly.

You can book Author, Bill McBay to speak at one of your events and promote the book.

Great for fundraisers

Great for fundraisers while increasing Financial Literacy in Canada - A true Win Win!

It’s Easy to Sign Up!

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