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Valuable Insights

This book shares many valuable insights in a way that will allow you to take a journey through your own life to see how you stack up. Are you on the right track, or do you need a course correction?

quick and easy

This quick and easy read will open your eyes to myths you always thought were true, and truths you never knew. It also makes the process of financial planning intriguing and easy to follow.

Potential Return

No matter where you are on life’s journey, your time invested with this book has a huge potential return, both in practical financial terms and through your own peace of mind.

Great for all

This is great for individuals and organizations!

Why Is Financial Literacy So Important?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing. Financial literacy includes the knowledge, skills and confidence people need to make informed choices about money now and in the future. The great news is…it can be taught and learned. By exercising good financial practices, such as setting aside money for retirement, Canadians also contribute to the country’s economic stability.

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Signing Events and Keynote Speeches

Bill McBay is available for charitable and corporate events. A list of topics includes:

General Summary of the Book

In this keynote, Author Bill McBay reviews the Myths & Truths as outlined in the book, Myths & Truths of Financial Planning throughout your Life.

Creating your Financial Roadmap

This session outlines how to build a financial roadmap or financial plan and identifies common mistakes made in money management. It outlines successful way to minimize your taxes while creating more wealth.

Living Your Retirement Plan

The sources of income in retirement are discussed in detail as well as options retirees have to minimize taxes and protect their hard earned savings.

Plan for Retirement Now

This session discusses the sources of income during retirement and how to use those same sources throughout your working career to reduce your taxes and create as much wealth as your require for retirement.

Where there’s a will,
there’s a way

What happens when you die?
This and many other questions are answered in this very popular session. From Wills and appointing Executors and Trustees to Powers of Attorneys and how to minimize taxes upon your death and everything in between.
This session is popular as everyone can relate either personally or through the experience of a relative.


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Rave Reviews
"I picked up Bill's book, Myths and Truths About Financial Planning Throughout Your Life, and I could not put it down until I had finished it. The truth about the dangers of procrastinating, not planning your finances going into a marriage, and even the benefits of starting plans for your children are pure gold. Read it, Read it again. You will be ' ' thankful you did."

Dave Neudorf, Advisor
Trinity Financial Services Inc.
Rave Reviews
"Fantastic, informative easy to read and keeps you interested throughout every chapter. Very well written to give you all the information and knowledge you need to have a lifelong plan. It gets you to stop and think. Great job Bill."

Rod White, Waterloo, ON
Rave Reviews
"All I can say is Bill McBay has written a book for everyone who has doubts about financial planning. It is easy to understand and answers questions I have and more. This book is good for just starting to make money, to the people who are established right through to those that are close to retirement. Myths and Truths is a MUST READ. It has opened my eyes to many steps that I was missing. Thanks Bill McBay for opening my eyes."

Clive Hamill, Guelph, ON
Rave Reviews
"Personal Finances and Financial Planning are subjects that can be overwhelming and easily misunderstood. Bill McBay, in Myths and Truths of Financial Planning, takes these subjects and distills them into easy to comprehend principles for every Canadian. I highly recommend this book to you for learning and for reference."

Rik Kraushar CFP®, RRC, CHS, CEA Advisor
Blue Harbour Financial Solutions Inc.
Rave Reviews
"This is a great read! Bill writes in a way that is easy and flows well. This is a key aspect when discussing matters that can otherwise be dry. The delivery makes engaging important information easy and enjoyable. I learned a lot from this "every person" approach."

Stephen Neudorf,
Advisor Trinity Financial Services Inc.
Rave Reviews
"This book does just what the title says - it clarifies the myths and truths of all financial concepts. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the many different accounts, products, and acronyms that make up the financial world, you are not alone. Bill's clear writing, combined with his witty humour, will help even the most novice individual understand how to properly plan for their financial future."

Tony Velenosi CFP, CEM T.E.A.M.
Financial Solutions

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